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Media for Change Signs MOU With One Water Academy

  • MfC Staff Writer

On the occasion of Earth Day, March 24, 2021, Media for Change signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the One Water Academy. Furthering its mission to support non-profit organizations with their communication needs through education, mentoring and technical knowhow, Media for Change will work closely with One Water Academy to create the One Water One World (OWOW) talk series to highlight innovation, enterprise and education aimed at solving the world’s water crisis.

 The One Water Academy, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, “…aims to provide easily accessible, user-friendly, and continuous skill-based learning through collaboration, knowledge exchange, and networking. It was created to bridge the learning and innovation gap to fully prepare the OneWater workforce.”

 Media for Change’s goal to use storytelling to bridge global divides fits well with the purpose of this collaboration. Additionally, the project has a personal appeal for Media for Change founder Sanjeev Chatterjee. “It has been over a decade since we made the feature documentary One Water about our changing relationship to freshwater on the planet. This collaboration is a great opportunity to continue taking that work further,” said Chatterjee. 

 Hardeep Anand, a professional engineer, civil servant, and the founder and director of OneWater Academy, said, “Since starting OneWater Academy in 2018, we’ve been focusing on creating a stronger, more resilient future for the water sector. Through our partnership with Media for Change on OWOW Talks, we’re ready to highlight an essential dialog that, frankly, is already happening. But through this dynamic platform, we will shine a light on those conversations to let everyone know that they have a seat at the table when it comes to the future of water.” Anand added, “After all, solutions to the water sector’s needs can come from anywhere, so all ideas must have a chance to be shared and heard.”

Sustainable Development Goals
OWOW talks align with multiple categories within the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

With a career over three decades in the water sector steeped in research and implementation at organizations such as the Water Research Foundation (formerly Water Environment Research Foundation), Dr. Amit Pramanik, who is now the executive director of One Water Academy, is enthusiastic about prospects for the OWOW talks. “This is an excellent way for us to connect cutting-edge knowledge to the entrepreneurial spirit in the U.S. and beyond, while capturing and sharing knowledge for the water community” he said.

Planned as a hybrid, in-person and online series, preparing for the OWOW series has already begun. The event is slated for the last quarter of 2021. “Our expectation is for the COVID-related in-person event restrictions to have eased at least a little and will allow us to have a small live audience for the livestream event,” said Gonzalo Mejia, who serves as Media for Change’s director of administration. This inaugural series will draw from individuals from industry, government, education and community members in the South Florida region in 2021. The plan is to spread the reach globally in increments.




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