Media for Change takes up select projects for clients in need of visual storytelling services. Whether it be in filmmaking, photography, podcasts, website or social media, we work with non-profits, international organizations, educational institutions and others to fulfill their storytelling needs.

Current Projects

Placemaking in Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is arguably Miami’s oldest neighborhood. It was settled by Bahamian and African American laborers when Miami was being built in the early 20th century. As the city developed over the period of a century, the attendant prosperity did not benefit the original inhabitants of Coconut Grove.

For two decades, the University of Miami, School of Architecture has worked with this community on various projects that aim to build a sense of place for the community and bring prosperity.

This latest project, titled Goombay Plaza, follows the acquisition of a decrepit building by the community and the creation of a Caribbean themed market and center for entrepreneurship.

Hurricane Matthew: A Visual Ethnography

Media for Change is part of a 5-year ethnographic study of 3 remote villages in Haiti to see how residents use their own resources to rebuild their lives and communities after a devastating climate related incident. The study in led by Dr Herns Marcelin of the University of Miami.

As part of the field work, basic video recording devices were given to youth in the study sites and they were trained in the use of cameras, audio recording devices and editing software. Apart from the creation of films like the one displayed above, the project is building a visual database of the process of rebuilding.

Campaign Against Single Use Plastics

In 2019, Media for Change principals Chad Tingle and Sanjeev Chatterjee worked on a commission by Plastic Oceans International to create the above film targeted at school children as a campaign against the use of single use plastics.