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MfC Incubator Paridrishya secures project funding in India

A river runs through a Himalayan village. PHOTO: Mohit Gulati

We are pleased to announce thatXooplabs Studios/Paridrishya in partnership with Media for Change has been awarded the social behavior change communication design strategy and implementation project by Himmotthan Society, an initiative of Tata Trusts. The scope of the project is to induce awareness and motivation amongst the community members about participatory springshed management and then creating tools for facilitation of the same. 

With Covid-19 pandemic, Tata trust realized that using conventional methods of on ground mobilization and implementation wouldn’t be as effective. Hence this project focuses on solutions / processes that can be digitally implemented and monitored on ground with minimum human intervention. The behavior change modules and content being designed are self explanatory and will come with clear standard operating procedures. This approach will allow other organizations under Tata Trusts working on spring shed management to implement the project in their respective geographical areas with minimal contextual improvisation.

Currently, the project is being implemented in eastern and central Himalyan ranges across the state of Uttrakhand and Nagaland in India. The project is expected to culminate in Jan 2021. Mr. Mohit Gulati from Xooplabs and Mr. Divyang Waghela and Mr. Vinod Kothari from Tata Trust are the designated project leads. Media for Change directors Mr. Sanjeev Chatterjee and Ms. Alice Ackermann have been designated as advisors on this project.   

Pandemic, Protest & Power

Media Literacies and Global Futures

REGISTER HERE for our first conversation with Dr. Arvind Singhal on Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 11am EST.

Media for Change is collaborating with the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change along with numerous international partner institutions to host a series of virtual workshops and conversations over the next 6 months. The series, entitled Protest, Pandemic and Power: Media Literacies and Global Futures is aimed at discussing and evaluating the role of the media on different aspects of our lives in today’s fraught mileu across the world. A detailed program will be available soon.

New Audiences for Classical Music

Kaleidoscope MusArt is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing contemporary Western classical music to new audiences. Based on a common mission of using media to create change, Media for Change is collaborating with Kaleidoscope MusArt to create audio-visual content for wide dissemination. Stay tuned for online concerts, social media campaigns and much more this fall.




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