Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you mean by media for change? What media? What change?

The idea of media as a tool for social change is not new. In our digital age, there are media makers around the world who are highly motivated to create positive impact. However, there seems to be a disconnect between the aspirations of media changemakers who want to make a difference and the impact they are able to have. wants to address questions arising from this disconnect by closely looking at the work and achievements of media change makers internationally, connecting members of this community to each other and working with aspiring media changemakers to create innovations in the field of media making. We believe that the act of media making to bring about positive change is a great way to engage with communities and with the most pressing issues that face us today.

Media making is a great tool to engage with communities and issues.

2. Are you a journalistic venture?

Yes and no. We depend on our editorial team for great reporting and storytelling about media change makers. is committed to celebrating great stories of media change making – its challenges as well as achievements. However, the international community we are trying to connect consists or people from backgrounds that go beyond journalism.  We welcome the participation of artists, technologists, activists, entrepreneurs, teachers, students and others in our conferences, events and workshops.

Members of the tribe are committed to finding out how media can better contribute to bringing positive change.

3. Who are media change makers?

Media change makers are the reason exists. They are individuals or groups of passionate storytellers who are committed to bring about tangible positive change in the societies and communities they work with. More and more, they are utilizing digital technologies to reach audiences and challenging established perceptions and practices of how media can be made more engaging. Media change-making assumes the ability of media change makers to see the world from the perspective of others. This quality allows them to design sustainable solutions to address the realities of the people with whom they work. We acknowledge that change making takes continued effort over time. Our media change makers direct their focus on their role within an agenda of actions always involving a larger cast of players. The process often requires interaction with the people with whom they are involved over significant periods of time. This tenacity guided by a strong sense of empathy is a key character of the media change makers we feature in the stories of storytellers we tell at

We recognize the important work of media change makers by telling their stories and sharing them widely.

4. What kind of stories will you publish? What can the audience gain from such stories?

Our website features the stories of storytellers. We feature different aspects of the work of veteran and aspiring media change makers from around the world. These are all exciting but largely untapped stories of adventure, discovery, conflict and problem solving. Apart from the attraction of strong storytelling, audiences will also discover the latest innovations in the use of technology by media change makers worldwide. We expect to inspire a new generation of media makers through the purpose and passion exhibited by the media change makers we feature.

We tell the stories of change.

5. Who are the workshops intended for? What is the structure of the workshop?

mediaforchange workshops are our tool to engage the next generation of media change makers. Our workshops are intended for anyone who is deeply interested in understanding the art creating powerful stories. will organize the workshops in collaboration with established organizations and institutions to ensure higher capacities and better learning environments for our participants. These workshops will be moderated by experienced media change makers and conducted globally in thematic sessions. Our workshops are the point of physical contact between the media change makers and young discoverers. is a for-impact organization and we hold true to our vision by facilitating workshops which will be the sites for highly engaging discussions and powerful stories of change.

6. What is the organization’s source of funds? How do you hope to become self-sufficient? is a not-for-profit organization with an educational mission.

Our developmental and modest operational costs are being managed through individual donations. We expect to be more substantially funded through philanthropy including foundation funding, individual donations and other sources once our 501 (3) (C) status is conferred (presently in process).  Our goal is to reach self-sufficiency in 3 years.

One key revenue source towards self-sufficiency is our workshops. We derive income from conceptualizing, organizing and conducting workshops. Our workshop educate participants in effective and transformative storytelling. Organizations working with us build capacity to tell compelling stories that help them make a difference.

We are also creating original journalistic and non-fiction content that may be syndicated and distributed through various channels.

We will continue to fundraise through crowdfunding and applying for grants.

Your support is important to  . Donations can be conveniently made through our PayPal portal:

7. What is the Global Conference?

The Global Conference is conceived as an annual face-to-face event where media change makers interact with the broader change making community. This annual conference aims to grow into the annual pilgrimage for media change makers around the world. The conference will feature speakers, a Media for Change Film Festival, workshops, pitching sessions and more!

We are identifying media change makers and connecting them in various ways. Regional meetings and workshops will lead to an annual global event. We are planning our first Global Conference in 2015. If you are interested in helping us or if you want to know more about our conference, please write to us.

Be on the lookout on our website for the first Global Conference!

8. How is different from other media development organizations?

We get asked this all the time. Simply put, we are very different. Our conferences feature a deeper interrogation into the practices of media changemaking. focuses on the stories behind the stories of media change makers and their change. Our articles will establish critical links between their internal transformations, and the quality and effect of their work on society.

We are very interested in building a community of empowered and self driven humans who each wish to add value to the world around them. To this end, we are not simply disseminators of knowledge; we are also facilitators of impact.

We are all smaller parts of a much larger picture; an attempt to create a truly human century!

9.Does have any political or ideological affiliations?

No. Our aim is to bring together people involved in making media to bring about positive change. While particular individuals and groups with various ideologies and outlooks participate in activities and are featured in what we publish, our goal as an organization is to remain inclusive of multiple approaches and fields of change making where media can play a role. Editorial decisions are always considered through the editorial board as well the board of directors that are comprised of individuals from diverse international backgrounds.

No. We are a non-partisan organization. Currently, our stories are faithful transcriptions of the extended interviews we conduct with the media changemakers and our reporters are advised against adding personal inputs to articles. Our editorial board ensures least bias and the highest quality of content. We feature a diverse group of media change makers and while we make every effort to faithfully represent their point-of-view, these various points-of-view are not representative in any way of, its contributors, its interviewers and their editors in any way.

“We welcome the participation of media change makers from diverse backgrounds.”

10. What is your vision? How can we help?

Our mission is to discover, define and share best practices in media change making of the 21st century. Through our workshops around the world, we hope to establish chapters which will connect potential young discoverers to storytelling opportunities in their region. focuses on the next generation of media changemakers as an engine for innovation and reinvention in the media fields.

We actively encourage our members and supporters to take part in our vision by spreading the word and doing their bit as agents of positive change. You can help us in one of many ways: spread the word, share your voice, share your talent or recommend a media changemaker to us! If you want to host a local workshop, can help you develop it. And if you are too busy to do any of the above, please spare some change and make a donation!

“We are a movement for good – not just an organization. JOIN US!”