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Protest, Pandemic & Power

Media Literacies and Global Futures

Media for Change is collaborating with the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change along with numerous international partner institutions to host a series of virtual workshops and conversations over the next 6 months. The series, entitled Protest, Pandemic and Power: Media Literacies and Global Futures is aimed at discussing and evaluating the role of the media on different aspects of our lives in today’s fraught mileu across the world. A detailed program will be available soon.

New Audiences for Classical Music

Kaleidoscope MusArt is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing contemporary Western classical music to new audiences. Based on a common mission of using media to create change, Media for Change is collaborating with Kaleidoscope MusArt to create audio-visual content for wide dissemination. Stay tuned for online concerts, social media campaigns and much more this fall.