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Virtual Conference Team

  • Gonzalo Mejia
    Gonzalo MejiaSustainability Director

    Gonzalo is a Film Director and Video Producer who firmly believes that well crafted media can change the world. Gonzalo has been working avidly in the Video/Film business for over 10 years.  He has an extensive list of credits, which include award winning Documentaries, Short Films and Commercials.

    Over the past decade Gonzalo has been leading Bananas Films, a Creative Video Content Agency founded by him and focusing in online content for top brands worldwide.  Through Bananas Films Gonzalo has been able to further his video content vision by establishing a unique approach to media production.

    Gonzalo also manages the Media Production Department for the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.

    Due to Gonzalo’s experience in Media and Business Development he has taken over the responsibility of Sustainability Director for Media for Change.

  • Kelly Saberi
    Kelly SaberiFood Stories Volunteer

    Kelly Saberi is a junior at the University of Miami where she is majoring in broadcast journalism and political science. She hails from Long Island, New York, and is currently in her first semester at the U after previously attending Stony Brook University School of Journalism. Over the summer she interned for NPR Member Station WSHU covering Long Island news, and her work can be heard on NPR One. She is currently an associate producer for UMTV’s Newsvision. Kelly has a passion for different cultures and languages, especially a language everyone knows: food. She has a particular interest in diet and fitness, including “real” food and learning about what goes into our bodies. After college, she hopes to continue in journalism by working as a reporter, talking to as many people as she can and tasting as many different foods as possible. Kelly hopes to eventually work as a foreign correspondent, bringing untold stories back home to educate audiences about foreign affairs. Most importantly, she is so excited to be working as part of Food Stories and Media for Change.

    • Mollie Jane Lewander
      Mollie Jane LewanderFood Stories Volunteer

      Mollie Jane Lewander is pursuing a degree in broadcast journalism with a duel minor in media management and photography at the University of Miami.  Originally from Rhode Island, Mollie Jane has recently transferred to the University of Miami from the University of Delaware where she previously studied fashion merchandising.  Her prior semester was spent traveling, working and studying abroad in Sydney, Australia where she had the opportunity to create visual and written content for major brands.  Having spent most of her life traveling the globe, she has a strong passion for food and it’s cultural influences.  Having developed a sense of health and diet from a young age, her interest in healthy eating has continued to flourish as she hopes to pursue a journalism career which allows her to travel the world and experience an array of dishes and study their journey from farm to table which she can ultimately share with audiences.

      Editorial Board

      • Paola Prado
        Paola PradoEditor

        Paola is an educator and writes extensively about politics and diversity in media. Her presence on the board ensures a balanced viewpoint and adds global perspective to our content. Paola Prado teaches courses in journalism, digital media production and mass communication theory at the Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.

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      • Moses Shumow
        Moses ShumowEditor

        Moses is an educator, researcher and published author. His expertise bears upon the authenticity of our stories and offers critical perspectives on quality control and global impact. Moses Shumow teaches courses in global media, multimedia production, global news literacy, and writing strategies for mass communication at the Florida International University in Miami.

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      • Dan Grech
        Dan GrechEditor

        Dan Grech oversees the WLRN-Miami Herald News, the public radio news department that has won numerous national and statewide awards under his two years of leadership. Dan has taught at Princeton University,  Columbia University School of Journalism, Barry University and Florida International University. With this wide professional and academic experience, Dan brings rigor and clarity to mediaforchange.org’s stories and articles.

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      Content Curators

      • Rachel Smilan-Goldstein
        Rachel Smilan-GoldsteinContent Curator

        Rachel Smilan-Goldstein is a senior at George Washington University, where she studies journalism and mass communication, and women’s studies. Her research interests include the coverage of social justice issues in mainstream media, the effect of mediated messages on the public and the role of journalism in democratic societies. Rachel is a fellow of the 2014 Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change, is an editorial assistant of Anthropological Quarterly, an academic journal, and is copy editor of The GW Hatchet, an independent student newspaper. Rachel curates content from around the www about global women’s issues and how these issues and relevant activists/leaders who work on them are covered by the press.

        • Aupala Ghosh
          Aupala GhoshContent Curator

          Aupala Ghosh teaches Mass Media at the Higher Secondary level at Shri Shikshayatan School, Kolkata, India. She was a fellow at Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change, 2014 and holds a master’s degree in film studies from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Aupala has a keen interest in cultural and social theory, post- coloniality and post-structuralism. She is passionate about photography, videography, music and travel.

          Aupala curates content from around the web about the Influence of Technology and Media in Education for mediaforchange.org.


          • Oney Seal
            Oney SealTechnology and Business Strategy Mentor

            Oney Seal is the Founder & CEO of Databazaar.com and runs various companies at the confluence of ethnic media and technology, especially in the OTT/IPTV space. Oney is passionate about early adoption of technology and new-media-based learning in the K-12 school system and has used his ventures to further these causes. He brings this experience to provide hands-on guidance to changemakers in media in popularizing and monetizing their work via the mediaforchange.org platform.

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          • Scott Alboum
            Scott AlboumBusiness Mentor

            Scott Alboum guides mediaforchange.org’s business and networking strategies. With years of experience in the field of documentary film production and teaching, Scott brings balanced insights to mediaforchange’s operational strategies. He is the team’s drill sergeant and ensures high standards of production and operation. Currently, Scott Alboum teaches courses in television production and digital composting at the Rider University in Mercer County, New Jersey.

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          • Anjani Mandal
            Anjani MandalNetwork Mentor

            Anjani Mandal guides mediaforchange.org’s ecosystem development and brings to the table, two decades of professional experience. Anjani’s association with leading companies as a part of their senior management makes him an ideal team mentor. With a strong consultancy background, Anjani manages mediaforchange.org’s expansion and growth. He joined Manipal Technologies Ltd. as the Chief Executive Officer in 2008.

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          Board of Directors

          • Irene Herrera
            Irene HerreraFilmmaker & Educator, Japan

            Irene Herrera is a photographer, documentary film-maker and video journalist. She is an avid traveler and Irene’s vast body of work and experiences add substance to mediaforchange.org’s global ambitions. She teaches documentary film-making at Temple University, Japan Campus in Tokyo.

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          • Donna Coker
            Donna CokerLegal Scholar, USA

            Donna Coker is mediaforchange.org’s moral compass. Her vast experience brings accountability and integrity to mediaforchange.org’s global initiative. She is currently a Professor of Law at the University of Miami.

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            • Gautam Bose
              Gautam BoseDevelopment Communicator, India

              With three decades of documentary film-making experience, Gautam’s expertise is crucial to the quality control of our content. His experience in development communication informs our strategies in creating the global community of changemakers.

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              • Ana Laura Gamboggi
                Ana Laura GamboggiSocial Anthropologist, Brazil

                Ana Laura Gamboggi’s work with institutions and organizations around the world on environmental research projects add perspective to mediaforchange.org’s educational and research policies. She is a published author and currently teaches at SENAC University, Brazil.

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                • Sanjeev Chatterjee
                  Sanjeev ChatterjeeFounder & Director

                  Sanjeev Chatterjee founded mediaforchange.org to create a global platform for media change makers to come together and share their stories. Decades of field experience and interactions with media makers around the world have allowed Sanjeev to shape the organization’s unique vision and values.

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                International Advisory Board