We have been conducting interviews with media makers who are interested in making a positive difference through their work.The questions we ask pertain to three distinct intersections of media making and change making: What impact the work media makers do may have on the external world they set out to influence, how the work they do transforms them as human beings and, in what ways the changing landscape of tools available for media making might provide new opportunities – even while losing others. In this work some common themes seem to be emerging and we look forward to sharing those with you soon

As we look to the future, we will begin building upon the modest base we have created through this website. We expect to add a regular “live” feature to our website in the coming months. Also, along with our partners we expect to launch a platform that will enable media makers, change makers, thinkers and doers to forge collaborations across borders. As you can imagine, we are excited about the possibilities.

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Photo: Courtesy Shamina de Gonzaga.
Shamina de Gonzaga is the Executive Director of World Council of Peoples for the United Nations (WCPUN), a non-governmental organization in association with the United Nations; Editor-in-Chief of Centerpoint Now, a WCPUN publication; and Co-founder of What Moves You?, an educational media collaborative. A representative of NGOs since 1996, she worked as Special Adviser on NGO relations in the Office of the President of the of the UN General Assembly (60th, 61st and 62nd Sessions) and served as Chair of the 61st Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference “Reaffirming Human Rights for All: The Universal Declaration at 60″ (UNESCO, Paris). She co-authored with Michaela Walsh “Founding a Movement: Women’s World Banking 1975-1990” and holds a Master and Bachelor of Arts in Romance Languages from the University of Pennsylvania.
I will explore the boundary of reporting and activism with insights from people whose work and identity traverse both worlds: from “narco-reporters” on the border between US and Mexico to “embedded” journalists in areas of conflict and beyond.

São Paulo

The following video, made by students at SENAC São Paulo, explores the concept of virtual water. Things we consume in our daily lives, cell phones, automobiles etc. expend large amounts of water in their production. São Paulo is currently experiencing the worst water shortage in 84 years and through this video students are equating the steep rise in consumerism to water shortage in the city. The video was completed under the supervision of mediaforchange.org board member Ana Laura Gamboggi Taddei and was part of a larger exhibition of art, photography and films produced by students at SENAC.
  • Ana Laura Gamboggi
    Ana Laura GamboggiSocial Anthropologist, BrazilAna Laura Gamboggi's work with institutions and organizations around the world on environmental research projects add perspective to mediaforchange.org’s educational and research policies. She is a published author and currently teaches at SENAC University, Brazil. Read more...

    Hong Kong

    mediaforchange.org board member Irene Carolina Herrera has been on the frontline of the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong from the very beginning. In her guest blog for us she shares the perspective that even though there may be no tangible outcomes yet from the student led resistance, there is definitely a change in the air. Read the blog
    After a month long sit-in, little concrete results have been accomplished. This rally took place on October 22nd, days after Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying's comments on Hong Kong's working class suggesting that democratic elections in the city would give too much voice to the poor.
    • Irene Herrera
      Irene HerreraFilmmaker & Educator, JapanIrene Herrera is a photographer, documentary film-maker and video journalist. She is an avid traveler and Irene’s vast body of work and experiences add substance to mediaforchange.org’s global ambitions. She teaches documentary film-making at Temple University, Japan Campus in Tokyo. Read more...
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